Vegetable Protein Meat-Analoge

Reviva's soy protein SOTTEX® is a complete gluten free GF vegetable protein
produced out of NON GMO soybeans in a mostly ecologically agricultural area.
The Vegetable Soy Protein is processed mechanically not chemically. We do not
use solvents in our extraction process.

The mechanical processing technology is mild and does not aect or change the
nutritional value of the bean, or the quality of the protein texture.

In addition to the fact that it is a high quality protein, Sottex meat-analog has a
superior texture. After hydrating it has the mouth-feel and slicing of tender meat.
Therefore it is suitable to be used in place of steak or ground beef in any food recipe
where meat is required.

The Chunks can be used by boiling them for 1 hour in water combined with spices
and vegetables. You may also use the chunks by soaking them in hot water, then
combine them with your preferred sauce and cook till marinated.

The Granules can be used by soaking them in hot water combined with spices
according to the flavor your recipe requires.

These soy steaks are used with success in Lifestyle Centers like Herghelia in Romania,
Speranta in Moldove and Migdalia in Israel to help guests who are used to eating
meat to transition to a vegan diet.

Soy Recipes







10 -12 qt water

1 handful bay leaves

4-5 finely sliced onions

4 Tbs sea salt

2 Tbs paprika

2 Tbs onion powder



2 Tbs garlic powder

1 ½ tsp basil

1 ½ tsp thyme

1 ½ tsp marjoram

1 ½ tsp lovage

Tamari-to taste


70 Sottex Soy Steaks




1 cup oil

½-¾ c fresh lemon juice or less after taste

¼ can water

big bunch cloves garlic

2-3 inches fresh ginger opt.

1/2-1 tsp sea salt


First make the broth in an approximately 16 qt pot.   Add the Sottex Soy Steaks to the broth and boil covered for 60 minutes.  You may uncover and continue to boil for an other 20 minutes, for steaks to absorb well seasonings.  Remove the steaks from broth with all ingredients on top except bay leaves and let them drain for about 20 minutes.

Blend all Sauce ingredients.    Place the drained steaks on baking sheets and cover them with the above sauce using a brush.  Turn the steaks on the other side and brush sauce on the uncovered part too.  Bake at 350 degree for approximately 20 minutes or till golden.

You may use the baked stakes with mashed potatoes and gravy, or with baked rosemary potatoes, or however you desire.  They are Delicious and Healthy!









Indonesian Style


1/4 lb dry Sottex Soy Steaks

5 big red chilies*

2 Tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt or as needed

3 candle nuts

2 Tbsp sweet soy sauce

2-3 kafir lime leaves

1 can coconut milk

3 shallot (big ones)

3 garlic

1 tsp coriander.

2 tsp mushroom seasoning


*Use all 5 chilies or just part, replacing part with sweet red peppers, according to desire “hot” taste.

Soak the Sottex Soy Steaks in hot water until soft and drain.  

As steaks are soaking blend the rest of the ingredients except the lime leaves. Then add to the blended sauce the well drained soaked steaks and the lime leaves.  Cook until liquid is evaporated and steaks are left in a rich flavored sauce.  Enjoy with rice.  It tastes delicious!







Hydration of Sottex Soy Granules to use instead of Ground Beef:




3.5 oz (100 gr) Sottex Soy Granules

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp oregano leaves

1 tsp vegan beef seasoning

1 c or more water.


Combine seasonings with 1 c water and bring it to boil.  Add the dry Sottex Soy Granules (3.5 oz is about 1 c.)  If liquid does not cover dry granules add more water.  Stir until all water is absorbed.  Then put aside. 

You can use the hydrated Sottex Soy Granules in:     

➢ Vegan Tacos,

➢ Vegan Ceviche 

➢ All recipes asking for ground beef.




1 Tbsp oil

½ c onion (½ onion) (you may use  more if desire)

Hydrated 3.5 oz Sottex Soy Granules

3 tsp taco seasoning


Stir fry oil and onion until golden brown.  Add the seasoned hydrated soy granules and cook it for a little bit.  Then add the taco seasoning. Stir well.

Ways to use Sottex Vegan Taco Meat:

  • Serve it on a soft corn tortilla as it is.
  • Serve it on a hard corn tortilla with refried beans, cheese, sauer cream, and iceberg lettuce finely chopped.
  • Serve it on a tortilla shell with refried beans, cheese, lettuce...
  • Serve it in a burrito as a meat substitute




3.5 oz Sottex Soy Granules

1 c chopped tomatoes (without the middle part that has too much liquid)

1 c chopped onion

1 c chopped cucumber

1 c chopped cilantro

1 serrano pepper chopped (optional)

1 or ½ avocado

½ lemon juice or more to taste


Mix all of the above ingredients.  Add 3.5 of the seasoned hydrated Sottex Soy Granules.  (See the above recipe on how to hydrate Sottex Soy Granules.)

Serve on a Corn Tostada (dry tortilla shelves) with refried beans, ceviche, and salsa.



Hydration of Sottex Soy Steaks for Mexican recipes



6 c water

1 Tbsp oil

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp oregano chopped leaves

1 Tbsp vegan beef seasonings

1 tsp salt

8 pieces of dry Sottex Soy Steaks.


Boil all the above ingredients for 1 hour than uncover and boil for an other 20 minutes for water to evaporate and steaks to absorb more of seasoning.  Take out the steaks and place them on a plate.  Let them dry until cool.


4 Hydrated Sottex Soy Steaks

Finely slice oblique into ¼ to 1/8 inch thickness the already cooled hydrated Sottex Soy Steaks and fry them in a skillet with oil and a pinch of oregano leaves seasoning until all are getting golden.  Then put them aside in a bowl.

Slice julienne style :  


1 small onion

4 garlic cloves

½ red pepper

4-5 mushrooms

1 small zucchini

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp oregano

½ tsp salt


Start stir frying the vegetables by adding the onion, then the garlic.  When fragrant add the peppers stirring for 1 minute.  Then add the mushrooms stirring, at the end the zucchini.  When half cooked add all the seasoning and the above prepared golden soy slices.   Mix all together and cook for an other 1-2 minutes.

Serve on a Fajita plate, on one side in a little container add some vegan sour cream, some guacamole, salsa and a corn or flower tortilla or rice.

➢ You may chop cilantro on top.

➢ You can add a pinch of cayenne pepper

➢ If you want more moisture add tomatoes slices without seeds.





Guatemalan Style


8 hydrated Sottex Soy Steaks

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp oregano

4 tomatoes

1 c chopped cilantro


½ tsp salt or after taste

Blend the tomatoes with the seasonings above, except ¼ c of cilantro.  Pour the blended mixture in a pot add the hydrated Sottex Soy Steaks.  Cook till soy steaks are marinated and liquid is evaporated.  Add the rest of ¼ c chopped cilantro and cook for a little bit more at low temperature. 

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